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Adult Day Service
Adult Day Service

An Adult Day Service consists of daytime care of any part of the day but less than 24 hour care for functionally-impaired elderly persons. It is provided through a structured program of social and rehabilitative and/or maintenance services in a supportive group setting other than the client's home.

Program participants must require regular supervision in order to live in their own home or the home of a relative. They must require a substitute caregiver while their regular caregiver is at work, in need of respite, or otherwise unavailable. In addition, they must have difficulty or be unable to perform activities of daily living (ADL) without assistance. They must be capable of leaving their residence, with assistance in order to receive the service. Each adult day care program shall provide directly or make arrangements for the following:

  • case coordination and support
  • transportation
  • personal care
  • nutrition
  • recreation
The program may also provide directly or make arrangements for the following:
  • rehabilitative care
  • medical support
  • nursing services
  • dental services
  • pediatric care
  • opthalmological care
  • health counseling
  • escorted shopping assistance
Activities of daily living include personal hygiene and grooming, meal preparation and kitchen safety, homemaking and leisure pursuits.

How can I open up an Adult Day Care or Adult Day Service?
If you want to open up an Adult Day Care you should plan ahead. Find out more about what is involved. You will need to consider what the need for the service is in your area, the target population you plan to serve, what level of care you intend to provide, what other programs like this are already operating in your area, and what requirements you may need to meet in order to operate an adult day service.

There are no state licensing requirements in Michigan for operating an adult day care, however, local codes for health and public safety do apply. The Michigan Office of Services to the Aging requires that providers of adult day care who receive state or federal funding from an Area Agency on Aging (AAA) must comply with the Office of Services to the Aging Minimum State Service Standards for Adult Day Care. To obtain an application to become a provider with the Area Agency on Aging in your area, and qualify to receive public funding through our Office, please use our interactive map of Michigan to locate your AAA.

Additional information on adult day care is available through the Michigan Adult Day Services Association. Their telephone number is 616-485-5018.

What is the difference between Assisted Living, Adult Foster Care, and Adult Day Care?
Assisted Living is a general term that refers to a wide variety of residential settings that provide 24-hour room and board and some supportive services to residents. Persons residing in assisted living settings may range from being quite independent with minimal need for assistance to those who require some ongoing assistance with personal care and activities of daily living. There are unlicensed assisted living residences in Michigan.

Adult Foster Care is a residential setting that provides 24-hour room and board, personal care, protection and supervision for adults, including the elderly who require supervision on an ongoing basis but do not require continuous nursing care. Some residences that are licensed as adult foster care homes may call themselves "assisted living."

Adult Day Care, also referred to as Adult Day Services, is daytime care for less than 24-hours for elderly persons with functional or cognitive impairments that are provided through a structured program of social and supportive services in a group setting other than the person's home.

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